• Child on Carpet​Please be aware of the cleaning and drying equipment and any trailing cables they may have. These could pose a trip hazard but the technician(s) will point out their location to you and ensure this and any other risks are minimised.
  • Please ensure all family members, especially children and pets, plus any third parties are aware of the cleaning process taking place. Ideally, for safety, it is best if all persons are kept out of the cleaning areas unless absolutely necessary.
  • Carpets generally take between 6 – 8 hours to be dry enough to walk on, depending on the carpet construction, temperature and humidity, level of soiling and cleaning method used. Take extra care when walking from damp carpets onto hard floor surfaces as the moisture may make footwear slippery.
  • Upholstery generally takes between  8 - 12 hours but can take 12 – 24 hours, depending on the fabric construction, temperature and humidity, level of soiling and cleaning method used. Once cleaned any loose or removable cushions may be ‘tented’ which involves stacking the cushions in an  'inverted V' shape  to aid drying. A fan or ‘airmover’ may also be employed during the cleaning process to further reduce drying times. It is important that cushions are not placed back on to carcasses until they are completely dry.
  • Foam furniture protectors are placed under wooden furniture, to prevent any wood dyes or furniture studs permanently staining your carpet(s). Please do not remove these until the carpet(s) are completely dry.
  • Protectors applied to carpets and upholstery can alter the feel/texture of the fibres or fabric. After regular use and/or vacuuming, this will return to normal.

Client Testimonial

"I used A-Star to clean my carpets when I recently moved into my flat. They left no mess and did a brilliant job on my carpets and also gave me advice on how long to leave them until I put my furniture back. I would highly recommend them!".

M. Clark - Old Newton, Stowmarket

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